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3nd Annual 

In partnership with Ramay Junior High School and the Ramay PTSA, we will be providing gift baskets for 150 students. Our overall goal $18,750. This will provide hoodies ($4,500), blankets ($3,000), family games ($3,750), school supplies ($3,000), and shoes ($4,500).  If you would like to help fund the baskets by purchasing an item, click the links below:

If you would prefer to pay via check, you can do so by sending a check with the memo "Ramay"

to Potter's House at PO BOX 3014 Fayetteville, Arkansas 72702. 

Venmo is also an option. Money can be sent with the memo "Ramay" to @pottershouse98 on the Venmo app. 


VOLUNTEER (Now full!)

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