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Jefferson Elementary was built in the 1930's and served Fayetteville Public Schools, and South Fayetteville, as an elementary school and adult education facility until 2023. Prior to Walker Park the school grounds was a safe space for kids in the area to run and play.

In the late 1990's our founders met a student while Anita was student teaching at Jefferson Elementary. That friendship grew beyond the student to her family and friends. From there the idea of Potter's House was developed. That friendship still exists 25 years later.


In February of 2023 Potter's House purchased the building and land originally known as Jefferson Elementary. We don't know what the Lord has in store for this campus, but we know it is going to allow a space for community, collaboration, growth, and fun to fill the currently empty halls. Our dreams include expanding our current programs (ie. full time preschool) and creating a space where life together can happen.

Please Join Us

The next year+ will be filled with engineers, architects, contractors, and construction crews to renovate and breath new life into the property. We need volunteers in construction as well as financial partners. 

To donate please click the button below.

Please reach out to Shawn Schwartzman to learn more.

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