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What hours are you open?

All of our store locations are open Monday - Saturday 10:00 A.M. - 6 P.M. ,Sunday 1P.M.-6 P.M. and the Fayetteville store remains open until 7 P.M.  Monday-Saturday. 

Can I have my items picked-up at my home?

At this time, we are unable to provide donation pick-ups. Please bring your items to our store drop-off locations and we will gladly assist you with unloading. 

Where can I drop-off donated items?

We have designated donation sites at each of our store locations, just look for the signs around the side of the buildings. 

What items will you accept/not accept?

We accept most things! Here are our guidelines:

  • Clothes need to be off the hanger and in bags or boxes.

  • Shoes need to be in pairs.

  • No stained pillows.

  • No console (box) televisions.

  • No pianos.

  • No disassembled furniture.

  • No paints.

  • No opened chemical

  • Kitchen and home decor, garage, and baby goods need to be serviceable. No broken or incomplete items, please.

  • We can take all small toys, complete or not. They must be smaller than 12" X 12". Larger toys need to be complete and working.

  • No books with mildew, no Readers Digest books, and no encyclopedias or reference books, please.

  • Anything metal can be taken, working or not.

  • Furniture needs to be reasonably clean and free or rips and tears.

  • Appliances can be donated non-working as long as they are in decent cosmetic shape.


How does your pricing system work?

Our unique pricing system helps us keep our inventory fresh and helps you find great deals. Items are coded with different colored tags depending on how long they have been in the store. The longer items are on the floor, the greater the discount! Each store has a large chart on the wall that simply explains the current discount offered for each color tag. 

Can I volunteer at the store?

Volunteers are a vital part of providing our community with quality merchandise at affordable prices, and no group size is too large or too small. As a volunteer, you help us create a positive shopping experience by sorting, stocking, and organizing merchandise, hanging clothes, general clean-up and so much more! If you are looking to gain community service hours, you can stop by anytime the stores are open. If you are wishing to schedule a group, please email us at

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